Made to engage all hearts and charm all eyes

First Line Made to engage all hearts and charm all eyes
Author George Lyttelton
Date 1747

Epitaph; Lyric [Love].

Epitaph for Lyttleton's first wife, Lucy Fortescue.

Transcribed from Lyttleton, George. "To the Memory of Lucy Lyttleton." London magazine: or, Gentleman's Monthy Intelligencer, June 1, 1747, p. 288. American Antiquarian Society, accession number 33351001. 



Made to engage all hearts, and charm all eyes,

Tho’ meek, magnanimous, tho’ witty, wise;

Polite, as all her life in courts had been,

Yet good, as she the world had never seen;

The noble fire of an exalted mind,

With gentlest female tenderness combin’d:

Her speech was the melodious voice of love,

Her song the warbling of the vernal grove;

Her eloquence was sweeter than her song,

Soft as her heart, and as her reason strong;

Her form each beauty of her mind exprest,

Her Mind was virtue, by the graces drest.