Project Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Betty A. Schellenberg, FRSC, FRHistS

Distinguished University Professor of English

Simon Fraser University

The Research Team

This project would not have been possible without the dedication, talent, and hard work of :

Database Lead Editor: Angela Wachowich (Spring 2019 to Present)

Miscellany Research Lead: Linara Kolosov (Fall 2019 to Present)

Research Assistants:

               David Weston (Fall 2017)

      Ann Cheng (Spring and Summer 2018)

               Daniel Geddes (Spring 2021 to Present)

SFU Digital Humanities Innovation Lab

Thanks especially to the following for contributing their expertise:

User Interface Developer: Joey Takeda (Summer 2019 to Present)

Database Developer: Michael Joyce (Spring 2019 to Present)

Digital Scholarship Librarians: Rebecca Dowson, Rémi Castonguay, Julie Jones

Research Funding

I gratefully acknowledge the support of:

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

SFU`s Digital Humanities Innovation Lab

The SFU Vice-President Research`s Undergraduate Student Research Awards


Thanks to the following teachers, colleagues, and friends for generously sharing their experience and advice: 

Jon Bath, Jennifer Batt, Marie-Louise Coolahan, Leith Davis, Michelle Levy, Harvey Quamen, Kandice Sharren