How sleep the Brave, who sink to Rest

First Line How sleep the Brave, who sink to Rest
Author William Collins
Date 1747

Ode [Death, afterlife]. 

Transcribed from Collins, William. "Ode Written in the beginning of the Year 1746." Odes on several descriptive and allegorical subjects, 1747, p. 19. Eighteenth Century Collections Online, GALE|CW0115231278.



How sleep the Brave, who sink to Rest,

By all their Country's Wishes blest!

When Spring, with dewy Fingers cold,

Returns to deck their hallow'd Mold,

She there shall dress a sweeter Sod,

Than Fancy's Feet have ever trod.


By Fairy Hands their Knell is rung,

By Forms unseen their Dirge is sung;

There Honour comes, a Pilgrim grey,

To bless the Turf that wraps their Clay,

And Freedom shall a-while repair,

To dwell a weeping Hermit there!