Near his paternal seat, here buried lies

First Line Near his paternal seat, here buried lies
Author Sir Charles Hanbury Williams
Date 1750

Epitaph [Death, afterlife; Friendship; Visual arts].

Transcribed from Hanbury Williams, Sir Charles ."An Epitaph on the Late Right Hon. Thomas Winnington, Esq; By Sir C.H.W.," London magazine, or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer, vol. 19, December 1750, pp. 566. ProQuest, [ProQuest document ID:] 5349272.



Near his paternal seat, here buried lies,

The grave, the gay, the witty, and the wise.

Form'd for all parts, in all alike he shin'd,

Variously great! a genius unconfin'd!

In converse bright, judicious in debate,

In private amiable, in publick great:

With all the statesman's knowledge, prudence, art,

With friendship's open, undesigning heart.

The friend and heir here join their duty: One

Erects the busto, one inscribes the stone.

Not that they hope from these his fame should live,

That claims a longer date than they can give.

False to their trusts, the mould'ring busts decay,

And, soon effac'd, inscriptions wear away:

But English annals shall their place supply;

And, while they live, his name can never die.