Like a Newton sublimely he soar'd

First Line Like a Newton sublimely he soar'd
Author Hannah Griffitts

Panegyric [Public Affairs; Celebrities]. 

Transcribed from Memoirs of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin: with a review of his pamphlet, entitled "information to those who would wish to remove to America," 1790, pp. 23–24. Eighteenth Century Collections Online, GALE|CW0103896572.



Like a Newton sublimely he soar'd,

To a summit before unattain'd;

New regions of science explor'd,

And the palm of philosophy gain'd.


With a spark that he caught from the skies,

He display'd an unparallel'd wonder;

And we saw with delight and surprize,

That this rod could protect us from thunder.


Oh, had he been wise to pursue

The path which his talents design'd,

What a tribute of praise had been due,

To the teacher and friend of mankind!


But to covet political fame,

Was in him a degrading ambition;

A spark which from Lucifer came,

And kindl'd the blaze of Sedition.


Let Candour then write on his urn,

Here lies the renowned inventor,

Whose flame to the skies ought to burn,

But inverted, descends to the centre.