Ye weeping muses, graces, virtues tell

First Line Ye weeping muses, graces, virtues tell
Author George Lyttelton
Date 1749

Elegy [Celebrities; Public affairs].

Transcribed from Lyttleton, George. "Inscription intended for the Monument of Captain Grenville." London magazine: or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, 1 November 1749, p. 523. American Antiquarian Society, accession number 33978018. 



Ye weeping muses, graces, virtues tell,

If, since your all-accomplish’d Sidney fell,

You, or afflicted Britain, e’er deplor’d

A loss like that these plaintive lays record;

Such spotless honour, such ingenuous truth,

Such ripen’d wisdom in the bloom of youth;

So mild, so gentle, so compos’d a mind,

To such heroick warmth and courage join’d.

He too, like Sidney, nurs’d in learning’s arms,

For nobler war forsook her softer charms;

Like him possest of ev’ry pleasing art,

The secret wish of ev’ry female heart;

Like him cut off in youthful glory’s pride,

He unrepining for his country dy’d.


But nobler far, and greater is the praise,

So bright to shine in these degen’rate days;

An age of heroes kindled Sidney’s fire:

His inborn worth alone cou'd Grenville’s deeds inspire.