O thou, who labour'st in this rugged Mine

First Line O thou, who labour'st in this rugged Mine
Author Judith Cowper Madan
Date 1724

Panegyric [Celebrity].

Transcribed from "Written by a youthful Lady in a young Gentleman's (Mr. C—r's) Coke upon Littleton." The London Journal, vol. 253, May 1724, p. 3. British Periodicals, [ProQuest document ID:] 5775080. 



O thou, who labour'st in this rugged Mine,

May'st thou to Gold th'unpolish'd Oar refine;

May each dark Page unfold its haggard Brow;

Doubt not to reap, if thou canst bear to plow.

To tempt thy Care, may each revolving Night

Purses and Maces swim before thy Sight:

From hence in Times to come (advent'rous Deed!)

May'st thou essay to speak, to look like M—d;

When the black Bag and Rose no more shall shade,

With martial Air, the Honours of thy Head;

When the full Wig thy Visage shall inclose

And only leave to view thy learned Nose:

Safely may'st thou defy Beaux, Wits and Scoffers,

When Tenants in Fee-Simple stuff thy Coffers.