Decorations - printed

Printed engravings or illustrations inserted into book.

Manuscript Note
Beinecke Osborn c180

Glued-in printed device of dove and book and IHS – glued over “Vol. 2” on Title Page.

Beinecke Osborn c595

Laid in: one cut paper silhouette; two cutout prints, of a chicken and an owl.

Beinecke Osborn c82

On the front cover-page, there is a picture of older women entering a building with beautiful young women inside with a sign that says “Old Women Ground Young.” Below this is written “Printed & Sold by Dean Conghton.”

Beinecke Osborn fc124

p. 2 three strips of colored braided paper.

Clark MS 1984.001

Printed poem "Night" pasted-in on inside front cover. 

Folger MS M.a.162

On various pages, glued-in line of printer’s ornaments as divider between items.

Folger MS M.a.182

3 pasted in printed illustrations – Garrick, slave, lyre-player.

Houghton MS Am 1013

The front cover features a picture of (and verses on) a harp; the back cover features a picture of a group of soldiers and a stanza on the same. Both have a striped border.

Houghton MS Eng 1323

Handcoloured printed illustrations on pp. 19, 23, 28, 31, 37.

Houghton MS Eng 687
A print by Howard and Evans on the front cover.
Huntington Stowe Vol. III

Numerous newspaper clippings. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 15

Woodcut portrait of Christopher Helvicus on the back pastedown.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 24

Print paste-in figures of machines on flyleafs at the beginning, end, and in the center of the book. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 61

Print pictorial cover of “WILLIHELLIMUS HENRICUS Ye IIID Prince of Oringe borne November ye 14 1650.”

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 522

Pasted-in prints on front and back inside covers.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 69

Many pasted-in items from the Whitehall Evening Post. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 757

Print insert of an illustrative and poetic watch advertisement signed "Jno. Collins Wattesfield 1774" on the inside-front cover.