Leeds Brotherton Lt 61

Title Untitled
Archive Brotherton Library
Call Number Leeds Brotherton Lt 61
Complete Yes

James Gollop, ca. 1715. 

Possible example of a socially humble compiler, an aspirational book.

26 items.

Generally very common love poems and descriptive poems, common choices for a non-political miscellany of the early decades of the century.

Book Size
Filled Page Count 78 pages
Item Count 26
Poem Count 25
First Line Index Yes
Digitized Yes
Additional Genres Catalogue of books
Print Sources
Major Themes

Major themes prominent among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.

Minor Themes

Other themes of interest among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.


Leeds Brotherton Lt 61.” Manuscript Verse Miscellanies, 1700–1820, edited by Betty A. Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University, https://mvm.dhil.lib.sfu.ca/manuscript/301. Accessed .

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First Line Context Print Source
Careful Observers may foretel the Hour

pp. 1–3

Local title: The City Showr.

Attributed author: Swift.

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: Source attributions: "ap. Tatler. 239. Vol. 4. p. 215. vid. Pres. vol. 4. p. 1. ap. Miscell. Octob. 1710 p. 406."

From Frozen Climes and Endless Tracts of Snow

pp. 27–30.

Local title: Winter/ To the Earl of Dorset, from Copenhagen. March. 9. 1709.

Attributed author: Phillips.

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: Source attribution: Tatler. 12. Vol. 1. p. 9.

Say, Mighty Love, and teach my Song

pp. 40–43.

Local title: Few happy Matches.

Attributed author: Watts.

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: Source attribution: Watts. Hor. Lyr. l. 2. p. 224. 171. [note that this is the same source attribution at the end of the The bee (ie. the source of this Content item's transcription.)] 

That, which Her slender Waist confin'd

f. 29r-v

Local title: On a girdle

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

The Scepticks think, 'twas long ago,

pp. 5-15

Local title: The Ladle

Attributed author: Prior. Poems p. 125

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Unequal, how shall I the search begin?

f. 5r-7v, 9r-13r 

Local title: The Progress of Poetry

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Ye Nymphs of Solyma! begin the song

pp. 23–28.

Local title: MESSIAH A Sacred Eclogue in imitation of Virgil's Pollio.

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Feature Note
Author attributions

Regular; only three unattributed items. Most attributions include a detailed source attribution (including page numbers, and sometimes publication date).


Pre-Bound stitched notebook with pictorial cover. (thirteen blank pages after the final page of book two).

Decorations - printed

Print pictorial cover of “WILLIHELLIMUS HENRICUS Ye IIID Prince of Oringe borne November ye 14 1650.”


Single, with one poem in another hand pp. 7–21.

Indications of use

Fair copy manuscript with no edits or crossouts.

Lack of binding and "A Catalogue of the Books I have” of only four books suggests a socially humble compiler, although the list could also be incomplete. If not, perhaps copying from borrowed books and an example of an aspirational book. Note that Solomon Lowe published an English grammar in 1737 and Latin grammar in 1724, the latter of which went into at least two editions. The fourth book on the list is Lowe’s Sententiae pueriles or the fundamental rules of syntax illustrated by Latin examples and English excercises (1722). If this book was compiled c. 1715, this list would necessarily be a later addition.

Ink spill visible from p. 28 of the first section all the way to the last page and inside-back-cover of the manuscript, where the spill is seemingly concentrated. This could also be a bookworm burrow.

Item formatting

Very neat.

No dividing lines between items or under titles, just a bit of space. The items are clearly seperated and easy to tell apart though, given the regular use of titles, and attributions at the end of each item.


Divided into two books, pp. 1–33 and pp. 34, [5]–46.

Ownership mark

"James Gollop/ Sir I have the orders about" written on the first page of the manuscript in the compiler's handwriting. 

Page layout

Paginated (in the upper corner; pagination is not always visible because it was written in such a small font and the edges of the pages are worn; someone else has added pagination by folio below the compiler’s pagination).

Items begun one after another, even if there’s only room for a couple of lines at the bottom of the page eg. book 2 p. 33.

Comfortable, relaxed use of space, ie. not jamming anything to try and fit on a particular page, which suggests the book was copied one page after another, rather than out of order.