Author attributions

Frequency of attribution of poems to a named author (whether in title or as a separate by-line; whether or not that attribution is correct or verifiable). Attribution frequency is described as: regular (approx. 75% or more); frequent (approx. 50-75%); occasional (25% or more, but less than one-half), rare (some attributions, but fewer than 1/4 of the poems); never (no attributions). Pseudonymous attributions (e.g. "by a Lady") are not included, but initials are.

If possible, where author attributions normally appear (eg. in the title, at the end of the poem, etc.). 

Manuscript Note
Beinecke Osborn c110


Beinecke Osborn c111


Beinecke Osborn c116


Beinecke Osborn c130


Beinecke Osborn c135


Beinecke Osborn c138

Frequent (4/7).

Beinecke Osborn c139–142

Regular; sometimes in the Table of Contents when not with the poem itself.

Beinecke Osborn c143


Beinecke Osborn c147


Beinecke Osborn c149


Beinecke Osborn c150


Beinecke Osborn c152


Beinecke Osborn c153

Frequent; commentary provides attributions of numerous items to "Amynta," who is Hannah Wakeford.

Beinecke Osborn c154


Beinecke Osborn c156


Some items associated with William, George, Eliza Huddesford of Oxford.

Beinecke Osborn c157

Frequent. Many poems copied from journals and magazines with their sources and dates identified.

Note next to one of the poems that they "were given to me by the author Sneyd Davies," accompanied by a pasted-in newspaper clipping of his death.

Beinecke Osborn c162

Occasional; first poem is by "Mr. B--y," and the third is addressed to him as the author of first poem.

Beinecke Osborn c163


Beinecke Osborn c165


Beinecke Osborn c167


Beinecke Osborn c169


Beinecke Osborn c170

Regular. Often at the end of an item, name(s) written diagonally. 

Beinecke Osborn c172


Beinecke Osborn c175

Rare; a few attributions as part of a title, e.g. Pope's Works; other attributions seem fictional or pseudonymous.

Beinecke Osborn c176


Beinecke Osborn c179


Beinecke Osborn c180

Regular; indicated by the title page and cross-references to sources.

Beinecke Osborn c186

Occasional, sometimes quite elaborate. 

Beinecke Osborn c187


Beinecke Osborn c189


Beinecke Osborn c193


Beinecke Osborn c241


Beinecke Osborn c258

Regular, by initials.

Beinecke Osborn c265

Occasional; later addition of references to Pope and Swift miscellany of 1731.

Beinecke Osborn c341

Regular, often by surname.

Beinecke Osborn c343


Beinecke Osborn c351

Yes, regular (all poems except those in the Miscellaneous section).

The sections organised by author include the attribution as part of the section title and do not repeat the author next to the title of each individual poem.

Beinecke Osborn c360 (1/3)


Beinecke Osborn c360 (2/3)


Beinecke Osborn c376


Beinecke Osborn c382


Beinecke Osborn c391


Beinecke Osborn c481


Beinecke Osborn c536


Beinecke Osborn c548


Beinecke Osborn c563

Rare, though most of the material seemingly original.

Beinecke Osborn c570


Beinecke Osborn c591


Beinecke Osborn c688


Beinecke Osborn c82


Beinecke Osborn c83

Occasional across all volumes.

Beinecke Osborn c90

Frequent, often as part of the header. Some print sources also attributed.

Beinecke Osborn c91


Beinecke Osborn d226


Beinecke Osborn d233


Beinecke Osborn d256

Presumably regular or frequent given the attributions to personal acquaintances, and the number of featured authors listed in the catalogue description. 

Beinecke Osborn d258


Beinecke Osborn d267

At least occasional given the examples provided in the catalogue description.

Beinecke Osborn d447


Beinecke Osborn d49

Regular. Original poetry generally marked with initials and frequently with a location and date. Also occasional source attributions, including to a manuscript source, the "Crewe Hall Album."

Author attributions almost always appear as part of the title.

Beinecke Osborn d492


Beinecke Osborn d494

Seemingly frequent or occasional from the catalogue description, a few poems signed only with initials, others attributed to members of Charles James Fox's circle. 

Beinecke Osborn d512

Rare; only one author attribution (in volume two). 

Beinecke Osborn d69

Occasional. As the catalogue states, the poems "mostly unattributed, with some attributed to Maria Banks (Woodley) Riddell two of which are dated 1789, and some attributed to 'W' and to 'L.'" Having said that, the other (unattributed) poems are presumably by the compiler, so they may not have felt the need to sign them.

A couple of the poems are said to be inspired by stories from Anne Grant's Essays on the Superstitions of the Highlanders of Scotland (1811).

Beinecke Osborn d80

Mostly poems unattributed. 

Beinecke Osborn d93


Beinecke Osborn fc124

Occasional; many original poems are attributed to Mary Cornwallis and her family, but many attributions are also scratched out by the compiler or neglected entirely.

Beinecke Osborn fc130


Beinecke Osborn fc132

Regular; many popular poets, notably popular female poets.

Beinecke Osborn fc135


Beinecke Osborn fc183


Beinecke Osborn fc185

More than none, less than all (catalogue mentions some anonymous items but gives no indication how many are unattributed). 

Beinecke Osborn fc205

More than none, less than all given that two poems in the catalogue description are singled out as "anonymous." 

Beinecke Osborn fc51

Occasional (probably around half). When authors are attributed, it is either as part of the title or at the end of the poem.

Beinecke Osborn fc58


Beinecke Osborn fd32

Unclear from catalogue description, but certainly print source attributions. 

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. c. 9

Regular; if author unknown or pseudonymous, the journal source and the pseudonymous name are generally given.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d. 189

Frequent or occasional.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d. 47

Rare; but titles often reference the author (by pseudonym) and who they are addressing (by pseudonym). 

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 109


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 111

Regular; four unattributed items seem to be by the compiler.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 18


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 28

Frequent or occasional; many of the early items presented without attribution, whether by the main individuals or by others; in general attributions are provided once the Bate sequence begins; poems from that point on seem to be by the compiler or her friends in most cases.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 39

Regular; author and/or source generally indicated in abbreviated form after poem title.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 40

Occasional; more frequent when items are attributed to his own social circle.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 47


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. f. 28

Regular, each item signed some variation of Mary Allanson.

Bodleian MS Harding b. 41

Frequent; mostly Dibdin, with some printed songs which indicate who sang them rather than who wrote them.

Bodleian MS Mont. e. 13

Rare, some as part of title.

Bodleian MS Mont. e. 14

Regular; in some cases where author is not known to compiler, indication of source.

British Library Add. MS 28102

Never, although the heading on p. 196 implies all the poetry was by Ashley Cowper.

British Library Add. MS 29981

Rare, if ever.

British Library Add. MS 37684

Frequent; generally appears next to the title of each poem.

British Library Add. MS 58802

Frequent. For the most part regular, but less towards the end of the book.

British Library Add. MS 59656

Regular, but all indicated by initials alone.

British Library Add. MS 75569

Frequent, as part of the title.

Chawton House 2622, MAN LOF


Chawton House 4946, MAN WIL

Regular; since all original poetry however, attributions are frequently implied rather than explicitly stated. 

Clark MS 1948.003

Regular; nearly every poem is also captioned with information about its source (including volume and page numbers). 

Clark MS 1956.002

Rare, except when translating a French work (gives title and author of source).

Clark MS 1968.002

Rare; one Pope and one Shakespeare. 

Clark MS 1976.014

Rare; primarily for series by famous writers such as Pope or Garrick, usually as part of the title. Sometimes inaccurate. 

Clark MS 1982.001

Regular. The compiler is scrupulous about attributing author and/ or source, including for the recipes.

Clark MS 1982.002


Clark MS 1983.001


Clark MS 1983.002


Clark MS 1984.001

Regular; seemingly whenever the author is known. With the exception of many of the hymns, almost all the poetry is attributed.

Clark MS 1984.004

Regular; though sometimes just the print source, not the author’s name.

Clark MS 1986.003

Regular; author or source identified regularly, though not always correctly.

Clark MS 1987.001

Rare; mostly of the form of “by a lady” unless the poet is very well known, like Lyttelton – but even Gray’s cat poem is not attributed.

Clark MS 1993.001

Occasional or rare; not many for the satiric items, which is typical for early eighteenth-century political poetry; exceptions include Mrs. Sansom; Pack; Francis Hawes himself.

Clark MS 1994.001

Regular. Many poems signed "Mary Woodyeare," "Mary Tibbits," or "MW." Other poems at the end of the volume attributed to "Dr. Drake" or "Francis Drake." 

Clark MS 2000.005

Regular. Items very clearly designated as the compiler's poems; in one case co-authored, in another case possibly by his daughter or sister, Miss S—(vol. 3).

Clark MS 2008.023

Vol. 1: Frequent; also occasional indications of print sources for anonymous or pseudonymous works.

Vol. 2: Occasional.

Vol. 3: Frequent at the beginning, then it drops off.

Clark MS 2010.030

Regular; all Pope, as indicated by title page.

Clark MS 2015.014

Frequent or occasional; if part of the title. Many items necessarily unattributed.

Clark MS 2019.001

Rare; a few are part of the header’s contextualization and there is one signature of initials.

Clark MS 2019.032


Clark MS 2019.038


Folger MS M.a.103

Occasional; normally as part of the title.

Folger MS M.a.104

Regular; often initials (e.g. J.H., I.H.B., T.N.). Normally at the end of the poem.

Folger MS M.a.110

Regular; often part of item heading.

Folger MS M.a.116

Occasional; most signed or initialed by Williams so difficult to tell, thou these marks are seemingly an indication of copying, not authorship. 

Folger MS M.a.142

Frequent or occasional, but not well-organised. 

Folger MS M.a.15

Frequent, generally as part of the header.

Folger MS M.a.160

Regular or frequent.

Folger MS M.a.162

Occasional or rare. 

Folger MS M.a.163


Folger MS M.a.164


Folger MS M.a.165-166


Folger MS M.a.169

Occasional, including some newspaper sources.

Folger MS M.a.170


Folger MS M.a.174

Rare; if attributed, in header of the poem. 

Folger MS M.a.179


Folger MS M.a.180

Occasional or rare. 

Folger MS M.a.181

Occasional; generally well known authors, references to periodical sources.

Folger MS M.a.182

Occasional; some in header or at the end of the poem, some added at a later date.

Folger MS M.a.183


Folger MS M.a.185


Folger MS M.a.186

Rare, but most poems seem to be original. 

Folger MS M.a.187


Folger MS M.a.231

Occasional, as part of the title. 

Folger MS M.a.53–58

Frequent, some seemingly inserted later.

Folger MS M.b.13

Occasional or rare. 

Folger MS M.b.21

Occasional; often given on transcription page when absent from the index. 

Folger MS M.b.23

Regular; simply the name at the end of the piece. Anecdotes often unattributed. 

Folger MS N.b.3

Regular; two attributed commendatory letters, and the rest of the work is original to the compiler—though not individually attributed, this is understood from the preface.

Folger MS W.a.103

Frequent or occasional, mostly as part of title. 

Folger MS W.a.118

Regular or frequent; some even note how the compiler acquired the items. 

Folger MS W.a.119

Regular or frequent; unattributed items are very short extracts only; otherwise, author or source seem to be given.

Folger MS W.a.271

Frequent, most often in headers. 

Folger MS W.a.86

Occasional; at the end of items.

Houghton MS Am 1013

Regular, but incorrect for 2/3 items.

Houghton MS Am 1369

Regular, and for the majority of the volume twice for each item—once at the beginning and again at the end, with the addition of place (Harvard Uni) and date of composition. 

Houghton MS Am 1894


Houghton MS Am 1894.1(1)


Houghton MS Am 1919


Houghton MS Am 910

Rare; only four items.

Houghton MS Eng 1280

Regular; if she doesn't remember or know the author, she'll make a guess.

Houghton MS Eng 1323


Houghton MS Eng 569.63

Occasional; if included, most often as part of the title or by initials at the end of the poem.

Houghton MS Eng 584


Houghton MS Eng 606


Houghton MS Eng 611

Frequent; plus occasional source attributions. 

Houghton MS Eng 614

Occasional/ frequent with occasional/ frequent source annotations, frequently including date of publication and page numbers. Sometimes the compiler notes his source, and then adds later publications of the same item later. 

Houghton MS Eng 680


Houghton MS Eng 687


Houghton MS Eng 768

Frequent, often as part of the title. 

Houghton MS Eng 926


Houghton MS Hyde 35 (4)

Regular because all original. 

Houghton MS Hyde 35 (5)

Frequent, with many unattributed items presumably by Piozzi.

Huntington MS 106


Huntington MS 29165


Huntington Stowe Vol. III

Frequent. Author attributions mostly written across from the title on the right side of the page, sometimes (increasingly towards the end of the manuscript) at the end of the item. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 100

Frequent; frequent source attributions as well.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 103

Occasional; often as part of the title. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 104

Regular; rare until f. 81, but these are all the poems original to Pinnell, then other attributions are regular.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 106

Occasional; include some source attributions. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 11


Leeds Brotherton Lt 110

Occasional, and sometimes incorrect.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 119

Frequent; approximately 60/87 items. Names indicated by title and initials only.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 12

Altogether frequent; occasional in first hand section, though female authors named regularly in poem headers; regular in the second hand section. Print source and date attributions also frequent in second hand. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 123

Rare, though the first few items (all longer poems, up to p. 55) are attributed.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 15


Leeds Brotherton Lt 20

Regular; though lots of the Pope items are unattributed for some reason.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 24


Leeds Brotherton Lt 35

Rare, and some false.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 36

Regular, since poems by the same author are grouped together, and the first poem by any new author is always attributed, the rest seem to be assumed. Only the two poems in the second hand are fully unattributed.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 45

Frequent; many poems attributed, but not all, even when the author is now known.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 53

Rare; though he frequently implies his own authorship, almost no other authors are ever attributed. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 61

Regular; only three unattributed items. Most attributions include a detailed source attribution (including page numbers, and sometimes publication date).

Leeds Brotherton Lt 93

Rare; generally not attributed unless as part of the title. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 99

Frequent; also many references to print sources.

Leeds Brotherton Ltq 51

Occasional; some original items initialed, the print sources of Edward the Second noted, and items frequently dated, but author attributions less common. More importance is given to the year of composition (even when not an original piece) than the author.

Princeton Taylor no. 87


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 515

Rare. Two attributions in titles. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 523

Yes, but rare. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 549

Regular; also includes regular source attributions. Attributions typically appear at the end of an item in the bottom right-hand corner of the last page.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 551

Regular, including two source attributions (to the Spectator).

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 553


Note the list at the end of the Table of Contents of "Most of the Authors from whom these Poems were collected."


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 556

Rare. Essentially none, one reference to another miscellany and another to an author identified as A.M. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 557


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 558


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 558

Yes, rare.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 581

Frequent; includes frequent source attributions and occasionally notes the format of the source text (4to, 12mo, etc.).

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 636

Frequent, though mainly by initials.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 639


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 69

Yes, occasional. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 757