Beinecke Osborn c563

Title M.S. being a choice Farrago of new Poems, lately collected from the papers of that wonder-working Genius, S. Simpson of Coventry Weaver...
Archive Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Call Number Beinecke Osborn c563
Complete Yes

Stephen Simpson, 1773. 

Courtship gift to Sarah Leaper, Simpson's future wife.

29 poems.

Themes of love and friendship. 

Format Made of half-sheets of duodecimo, likely.
Book Size 14cm x 19cm
Filled Page Count 105 pages
Item Count 29
Poem Count 29
First Line Index Yes
Digitized No
Additional Genres
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Major Themes

Major themes prominent among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.

Minor Themes

Other themes of interest among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.


Beinecke Osborn c563.” Manuscript Verse Miscellanies, 1700–1820, edited by Betty A. Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University, Accessed .

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Feature Note
Author attributions

Rare, though most of the material seemingly original.


Pre-bound. Binding is very tight and solid, despite wear on the spine. Several blank pages.

Spine title reads "Poems."

Catalogue entry says: "Contemporary(?) full calf; banded and gilt-stamped spine. Red Morocco label." 


Single (Simpson's) pp. 1–100, 105–105v.

pp. 102–104 in J. Eyre's hand; p. 104v in Sarah Leaper's hand.

Indications of use

Intended as a present to the compiler’s future wife Sarah “Sally” Leaper, see p. 100. 

Oxford school friends: many poems to/ about recently deceased school friend Robert LaRogue (aka “R.L.R.” or “Bob”); many poems to J. Eyre; annotations p. 49v: “Blick and Eyre us’d to be particularly intimate. As were LaRogue & Simpson”; annotation p. 51v gives the order the friends arrived at Oxford, followed by “And my intention of verifying this little Tale was unhappily prevented by the unfortunate Death of R.L.R.”

Note Leaper and Eyre contributions at the end, implying Eyre saw it before it was given to Leaper (presumably?), and Leaper returned to it after her marriage to Simpson to finish the story. 

Item formatting

Uniform presentation of titles (not underlined, just larger than the rest of the text).

Many poems with numbered stanzas.

New items begun on new pages. 


Prefatory and concluding gesture to dedicatee, Sarah Leaper.

Rectos filled only, except for the few additions at the end of the manuscript.

Original poetry

Yes, most if not all. Many revolving around group of school friends or Sarah Leaper, as well as many imitations. 

Ownership mark

“S Simpson” on front-flyleaf and title page; record of Simpson and Leaper's marriage on p. 104v. 

Title page

Yes: "M.S. being A choice Farrago of new Poems,—lately collected from the papers of that wonder-working Genius, S. Simpson of Coventry Weaver. — pace quo coeteri poet ce sondent[?] and Now first copied by himself at his Garret in the High Street. Cum pribilegio Apollonius. 10th July 1773."