Number of principal compiler hands, with additional information about possible later hands or occasional entries by other hands.

Manuscript Note
Beinecke Osborn c110


Beinecke Osborn c111

Single, except for the three final pages and possibly the Table of Contents.

Beinecke Osborn c116

Possibly several hands, but one primary, another at the beginning - possibly sequential.

Beinecke Osborn c130

Single, plus one poem in another, perhaps the compiler's son.

Beinecke Osborn c135

Single (very large) hand, except for maybe the pasted-in item on p. 43.

Beinecke Osborn c138

Single neat hand.

Beinecke Osborn c139–142

Single, which becomes looser towards the end of c142.

Beinecke Osborn c143

Single with domestic accounts in a different hand.

Beinecke Osborn c147


Beinecke Osborn c149


Beinecke Osborn c150

Single primary hand, but quite variable (in some cases, the hand if simply irregular, but in other cases it's obviously a different hand, even sometimes in the middle of the same item–but one main hand overall, from start to end).

Beinecke Osborn c152

At least three; sequential compilation by Mrs. Ogle (pp. 1-45); recipient of Mrs. Ogle's gift (pp. 48-72); later hand (pp. 74-76).

Beinecke Osborn c153


Beinecke Osborn c154


Beinecke Osborn c156

Two. First hand (anonymous) compiled up to p. 52; second hand (Mary Hilhouse) pp. 53–235.

Beinecke Osborn c157

Two; one (careful, decorative) for the first section, followed by a distinctive change on p. 125 to the second hand, which is much more informal.

Beinecke Osborn c162


Beinecke Osborn c163


Beinecke Osborn c165


Beinecke Osborn c167

Seemingly multiple hands, but difficult to say; could just be a matter of size and style of script, with poetry getting a larger, more formal hand than the prose meditations.

Beinecke Osborn c169


Poem written into the back cover seemingly in another hand or an older version of the same hand.

Beinecke Osborn c170


Beinecke Osborn c172


Beinecke Osborn c175

Single; extremely neat and precise.

Beinecke Osborn c176


Beinecke Osborn c179


Beinecke Osborn c180

Single, careful and neat.

Beinecke Osborn c186

Single, fairly decorative.

Beinecke Osborn c187


Beinecke Osborn c189


Beinecke Osborn c193

Single, except for presentation poem glued (not bound) into the book. 

Beinecke Osborn c241


Beinecke Osborn c258


Beinecke Osborn c265

Could be single but most likely double.

Catalogue note implies a second, later hand; they are very close, although page references to the Miscellanies and the left margin note on the first page do seem to be added later (maybe not much later – still looks like an early-century hand) – this hand is about ½ the size of the first, and contributes many tiny items as fillers especially in the final section of the book. 

Beinecke Osborn c341


Beinecke Osborn c343


Beinecke Osborn c351


Beinecke Osborn c360 (1/3)


Beinecke Osborn c360 (2/3)


Beinecke Osborn c360 (3/3)


Beinecke Osborn c376


First hand in first section (17 leaves, 34 pages) is quite loose and informal. 

Second is smaller and neater. 

Both hands seem to indicate Charles Earle as author of items compiler. 

Beinecke Osborn c382


Beinecke Osborn c391

Single in this first section. The manuscript as a whole (including the prose letter inserts) consists of many hands.

Beinecke Osborn c481


Beinecke Osborn c536


Beinecke Osborn c548

Single hand, miniscule writing. 

Beinecke Osborn c563

Single (Simpson's) pp. 1–100, 105–105v.

pp. 102–104 in J. Eyre's hand; p. 104v in Sarah Leaper's hand.

Beinecke Osborn c570

Single, with the exception of one poem in vol. 2.

Beinecke Osborn c591


Beinecke Osborn c595

Single [this entry concerns only the items in Rawling's hand ie. the first part of the book]. 

Beinecke Osborn c651


Beinecke Osborn c662

At least two hands.

Beinecke Osborn c688


Beinecke Osborn c82


Beinecke Osborn c83

Volume I: Single. Numbering ink darkens midway through volume. 

Volumes II & III: Single, possibly a different hand from Vol. I. 

Volume IV: Usual hand ends after item 1125. Unnumbered pages show variable hands, none matching the previous hand of the compiler. 

Beinecke Osborn c90


Beinecke Osborn c91

Single up to p. 331 where there is a note: "Those which follow have been added at various times." 

Beinecke Osborn d226

Two, but one primary hand which copies all but two of the poems.

Beinecke Osborn d232


Beinecke Osborn d233

Single, excluding the final poem.

Beinecke Osborn d256


Beinecke Osborn d258


Beinecke Osborn d267

Single dominant hand, with a few other hands appearing near the end.

Beinecke Osborn d447


Beinecke Osborn d49


Beinecke Osborn d492

Single copperplate hand, with some additions in two other hands (one which is identified as J.H. Waite, possibly the compiler's son) at the end of the volume. 

Beinecke Osborn d494


Beinecke Osborn d512


Beinecke Osborn d69


Another hand may have numbered the stanzas of some of the later poems with Roman numerals. 

Beinecke Osborn d80


Several other hands interspersed in blank pages, indicating other owners. 

Beinecke Osborn d93


Beinecke Osborn fc124


Beinecke Osborn fc130


Beinecke Osborn fc132


Beinecke Osborn fc135


Beinecke Osborn fc183

Single, calligraphic.

Beinecke Osborn fc185


Beinecke Osborn fc205


Beinecke Osborn fc58

Three total, two primary. 

Hand 1 covers pages 1 to 99, then Hand 2 takes over from page 99 to 169. There are two small additions by a third hand on pp. 169–170.

Beinecke Osborn fd32


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. c. 9

Single, though recto pages tend to use a larger size of script than verso pages.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d. 189


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d. 47


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 109

Single, same as inside cover signature ("E.F. Amherst 1798").

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 111


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 18


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 28

Single hand, though in one instance it appears much smaller.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 39


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 40


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 47


Bodleian MS Harding b. 41

Single decorative hand.

One item written in another hand, an endorsement of Polly's taste in creating her book.

Bodleian MS Mont. e. 13

Two: single hand pp. 1–175, then second hand takes over; final index in a third hand.

Bodleian MS Mont. e. 14

Single, except the final item (85), dated 1817, is in a different hand.

British Library Add. MS 28102


On the final poetry pages (dated 1780) the hand has become very shaky.

British Library Add. MS 29981

Single, with the exception of the poem that precedes the title page and Table of Contents (seemingly a later addition in a different hand, but addressing the same time period).

British Library Add. MS 37684

Single, though it varies greatly.

British Library Add. MS 58802

Single, though later items loosely written in larger (possibly quicker) hand.

British Library Add. MS 59656


Possibly Mary Tickell, since final epitaph is signed M. T.

British Library Add. MS 70494

Single decorative hand, possibly that of a copyist. 

British Library Add. MS 75569

One or two. Cataloguer suggests more than one hand, however the hand at the end might just be significantly more informal. If there are two hands, Frances' hand is the second hand that takes over towards the end.

Chawton House 2622, MAN LOF


Chawton House 4946, MAN WIL

Single, with Sarah Wilmot's signature appearing in the first and second notebook, and footnotes in a later hand, possibly that of James Seton. 

Clark MS 1948.003

Single; neat but small. 

Clark MS 1950.025

Several neat hands:

The first hand is continuous from pp. 3-32; then there's a new hand; index shows the same shift at p. 33, with the second hand continuing for the rest of the index, through to the top of p. 93.

pp. 1–93, spaces were often left from the ends of poems to the bottoms of pages; these spaces are filled in a third hand.

After p. 93, a fourth hand and mixture of new hands come into the mix, but Strafford is still in the picture.

Clark MS 1956.002

Single; elaborate and neat.

Clark MS 1968.002

Single in Ann Bromfield section (first 51 pages).

19th century coin collection table insertion and chart of important birthdays in different hands.

Clark MS 1976.014

Two consecutive hands. Switch of hands in the Table of Contents and the writing of titles seems to occur at the second item on p. 66, but in the hand copying the actual poems, the switch occurs on p. 70 [this suggests that (decorative) titles would be written in later in some miscellaneous verse manuscripts].

Clark MS 1982.001

Single. The volume contains many entries made at least partially in short-hand. 

Clark MS 1982.002

Single, fair and neat.

Clark MS 1983.001


Clark MS 1983.002


[This entry is only concerned with the first hand, but, the manuscript as a whole is a series of four hands, seemingly quite close chronologically.]

Clark MS 1984.001


Clark MS 1984.004

Single, though quite variable in appearance. 

Clark MS 1986.003

Single, with contributions in other hands.

There is a primary hand throughout the book – these items generally have “Finis” written at the end of them; it is a young, somewhat variable hand, but still distinguishable; there are also multiple contributors of individual or several items.

Clark MS 1987.001

Single, except for small slip of paper "A Riddle," in more informal hand.

Clark MS 1993.001

Primarily single, in the style of early eighteenth-century.

pp. 163-70 at the end of the first poetry section contains poems by at least two other hands – perhaps a reason for the beginning anew at the other end, even though principal hand remains the same.

Clark MS 1994.001

Single, except for annotations to pressed flowers.

Clark MS 2000.005


Clark MS 2008.023

Vol. 1: Single except for first poem

Vol. 2: Single

Vol. 3: Single except for first poem

Vol. 4: Single except for penultimate poem

Mostly in the hand of Jane Griffies Roscoe, otherwise likely William Roscoe

Clark MS 2010.030

Single throughout; larger and looser with the Dunciad and title page.

Clark MS 2015.014

Single, consistent and neat nineteenth-century hand (with the exception of one comic epitaph at the end of the written text, which appears to be in the same hand as the later inscription on the front free endpaper).

Clark MS 2019.001


The final item (not in the index) is in a different hand.

Clark MS 2019.032

Single; possibly two hands given variations in size, but given the strong sense of one guiding creator, likely just variations of the same hand.

Clark MS 2019.038

Single, neat sloping hand.

Folger MS M.a.103

Single; a very regular, tiny, fine hand.

Folger MS M.a.104

Single, despite misleading title. 

Folger MS M.a.110

Single, but appearance varies a bit (though formation of letters remains the same)

Folger MS M.a.116

Single, except the three medicinal entries near the end of the book. 

Folger MS M.a.142

Single loose hand.

Folger MS M.a.15

Single decorative hand.

Folger MS M.a.160

Single, with a couple exceptions.

Folger MS M.a.162


Folger MS M.a.163

Single very fine, decorative hand, especially on front and final pages. 

Folger MS M.a.164


Folger MS M.a.165-166

Single, though possibly a change on mid-page 233 of vol. 1, then vol. 2 same hand again. 

Folger MS M.a.169


Folger MS M.a.170

Single; one or two other contributions.

Folger MS M.a.174

Single (neat and consistent), except for the final item on the death of VanDyke. This item appears in the index though so it appears to have been contemporary. 


Folger MS M.a.179

Single, though some very occasional entries that could be in another hand. 

Folger MS M.a.180

Single primary (Gilchrist), another organizational hand (responsible for the prose extracts and the writing exercises), as well as additional hands. 

Folger MS M.a.181

Single (fine and uniform); another occasional similarly tiny hand that is more upright.

Folger MS M.a.182


Folger MS M.a.183

Single; the first 116 leaves are in Kilderbee's hand, and the few remaining entries are in several other hands (this database entry concerns the Kilderbee section only).

Folger MS M.a.185

Single up to p. 200; then several hands, including the primary hand.

Folger MS M.a.186

Single primary hand, then a secondary hand, then the primary hand returns in later sections.

Folger MS M.a.187


Folger MS M.a.231


Folger MS M.a.53–58


Folger MS M.b.13

Single, quite scrawling and messy. Another hand wrote out an extempore poem about the previous evening's conversation and a long poem on inoculation (possibly entries added later to the bottom of not completely filled pages). 

Folger MS M.b.21

Single hand throughout; large and loose. Some items pasted in are in different hands.

Folger MS M.b.23

Single hand; seeming shift to various hands for final 21 leaves. 

Folger MS N.b.3

Single (Heneage Finch's hand), with several corrections in Anne Finch's hand.

Folger MS W.a.103

Probably single.

Folger MS W.a.118


Folger MS W.a.119


Folger MS W.a.271


Folger MS W.a.86

Varying hands, though seems to have one primary. The primary hand copied the beginning section and perhaps the final item; same hand as that of the "Anne Milles" signature.

Hands at end variable, shift orientation to writing across page lengthwise.

Houghton MS Am 1013


Houghton MS Am 1369


Houghton MS Am 1894


Houghton MS Am 1894.1(1)


Houghton MS Am 1919


Houghton MS Am 910

Single, though one paragraph at the top of p. 4 is in another hand.

Houghton MS Eng 1280


Houghton MS Eng 1323

Various unidentified hands.

Houghton MS Eng 569.63

Single, with very occasional insertions by another hand, likely added later to fill blanks.

Houghton MS Eng 584

Two or three intermingled hands, but all the title pages are seemingly in the hand I'm assuming is B. Cumberlege because it's also responsible for most of his original poems. This hand (also responsible for the Table of Contents) is clearly the organising force/ primary compiler. 

Houghton MS Eng 606

Two primary hands, with a Table of Contents in another hand, and a possible other hand in the ambigragh section. The two primary hands are alternating, not consecutive—Rolfe's hand attributes the author of one of the second hand's poems, and annotates another. 

Houghton MS Eng 611

Single. One poem in another hand annotated by Austen in vol 2 pp. 79–83; a single annotation in another hand (in ink) p. 142. Red-pencil annotator/ editor is likely the compiler.

Houghton MS Eng 614


Houghton MS Eng 680


Houghton MS Eng 687


Houghton MS Eng 692


Houghton MS Eng 768


See similarities to Elizabeth Munbee's hand in Clark MS 1982.002. Possibly transcribed by Elizabeth for her little sister. 

Houghton MS Eng 926


Houghton MS Hyde 35 (4)


Houghton MS Hyde 35 (5)


Huntington MS 106


Huntington MS 29165

Single, throughrout the majority of book the book. A second hand takes over in the middle of a very, very long poem (51 pages, pp. 166-216) in rhyming couplets –  The Vale of Teviot, by Mr. Leyden – this is the second last item, followed by The Indian Man’s Creed in the same (second) hand.

Huntington MS 82623


Pencil notes on flyleaf appear to be in a different hand.

Huntington Stowe Vol. III

Primarily single, though a few others at intervals.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 100

Single, varying over time and with varying degrees of formality, with a different hand at ff. 33v and 37.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 103

Two hands; Adam Matthews database entry implies one main hand, whereas BCMSV database implies a mix of hands; to me the second hand (if it is a new hand), beginning f. 71 with the Carter poem, seems to match that of the signature on the first leaf of the book. The second hand is a somewhat variable hand.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 104

Single. ff. 81–103 the hand is much more formal, but the letter shapes are consistent with the rest of the manuscript, so seemingly the same hand.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 106

Single, with some additions to fill in blank sections.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 11

Two consecutive; six hands total, but this database entry concerns only the first two. First hand is very calligraphic. The second hand adopts the formatting of the first.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 110


Leeds Brotherton Lt 119


Leeds Brotherton Lt 12

Two primary hands; first hand pp. 1–77, second hand pp. 82–142. This book was cleanly and clearly passed from one compiler to another.

A third hand begins a poem that is continued by the first hand pp. 31–33.

Unlike the cataloguer, we do not agree that there are other hands after p. 82. The “T”s and “F”s from p. 82 onwards are distinctive and consistent, though the hand is looser on some pages than others.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 123

Single, as far as this database entry is concerned.

As a whole though, at least three, the first being the primary. Primary hand pp. 1–150. Second hand pp. 151–185. pp. 218–220 seemingly the first hand, pp. 221–229 is the second hand, and pp. 230–[274] is either a messier version of the second hand and a third hand, or a third and fourth hand. The hands that aren’t the primary hand are all similarly messy, and not consecutive or alternating in any clear, distinguishable way. p. 251 is seemingly a single entry in another hand, which makes it at least the third hand to appear in the manuscript, regardless of how many other hands contribute to that final section.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 125

Single, except for pp. 95–105, and p. 242, which are in a second hand (possibly that of Eliza Lee, the later owner).

Leeds Brotherton Lt 15


Leeds Brotherton Lt 20

Single, neat. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 24

Two hands, Coles’ hand is the primary, though they are compiling simultaneously given the dates, and the contributions they make to each other’s items. The second hand copied a lot more prose items compared to Coles’ hand, though they both copied some verse and some prose. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 35


Leeds Brotherton Lt 36

Single, with two poems added later in another hand ff. 53–59.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 45

Single; at the end of the manuscript the writing is looser, but it seems to be the same hand (writer is possibly elderly).

Leeds Brotherton Lt 53


Leeds Brotherton Lt 61

Single, with one poem in another hand pp. 7–21.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 93

Three; the cataloguer only notes two hands but three hands are obvious. Hand 1 from ff.1–57v; Hand 2 (also 18th-century) ff. 58–64v and 110r–111v; Hand 3 ff. 65r–77v (blanks ff. 67r-68r), 107–109v. – presumably filling in blank pages at a later date with miscellaneous items.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 99

Two consecutive hands. The second hand's section is much longer and more coherent.

Leeds Brotherton Ltq 51


Princeton Taylor no. 87


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 515


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 522

Single, except for occasional items by two different hands.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 523


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 549

Single, excluding the manuscript inserts and last four pages of volume 2. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 551


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 553


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 556


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 557

Single. Very decorative writing style with many looped letters. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 558


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 581


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 636

Single, with the exception of one page (19).

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 639


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 69

Single, some items by other hands likely inserted later.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 739


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 757

One primary hand (Elizabeth Church's) with additions in up to eight other hands. Only two of the eight other hands make significant contributions.