UChicago Library Codex Ms. 581

Title Untitled
Archive University of Chicago Special Collections and Research Center
Call Number UChicago Library Codex Ms. 581
Complete Yes

Anonymous, ca. 1769–1790.

152 poems.

Bound-with The New Bath Guide (1766).

Celebrity-centred manuscript verse miscellany, with a particular focus on Samuel Johnson, Hester Thrale Piozzi, David Garrick, Peter Pindar, and Horace Walpole.

Format Octavo
Book Size 20.2cm x 12.5cm
Filled Page Count 417 pages
Item Count 153
Poem Count 151
First Line Index No
Digitized No
Additional Genres Prose - dialogue
Print Sources
Major Themes

Major themes prominent among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.

Minor Themes

Other themes of interest among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 581.” Manuscript Verse Miscellanies, 1700–1820, edited by Betty A. Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University, https://mvm.dhil.lib.sfu.ca/manuscript/404. Accessed .

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First Line Context Print Source
Here lies poor Johnson: reader have a care,

f. 414 - p. 417

Local title: Epitaph on Dr Johnson by I Jennings Esqr 20.5.86

Attributed author: Soame Jenyns

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Thee, Mary, with this Ring I wed

pp. 304–306

Local title: To Mrs — with a Ring. 1778.

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: possibly accompanied by a source attribution; "1-1-80. Russ—altakid" (or something like that) is written at the bottom of the last page.

Feature Note
Author attributions

Frequent; includes frequent source attributions and occasionally notes the format of the source text (4to, 12mo, etc.).


Post-bound after compilation with The New Bath Guide (1766) ; navy cloth over boards.



Indications of use

Bound-with text suggests connection to Bath, reading about Bath.

Occasional footnotes, endnotes, and commentary.


Item formatting

Page division, source attribution, or simple line between items.

Titles bear no demarcating features.


The rectos and versos proceed separately up to p. 128; there’s some crossover notes at the bottoms of these pages; the verso pages were seemingly filled in later.

Generally proceeds chronologically with loose sections dedicated to a particular celebrity subject.

Possible reference to other manuscript(s), e.g. on p. 13: “The Forest Hunt with an Answer by Zephalinda 10-10-66. vid Manuscript" (this poem does not appear in this book, perhaps the compiler is redirecting the reader to a different manuscript). 

Original poetry

Possibly but most of the contents seem to be copied from periodicals.

Page layout

Paginated by the compiler.

Table of Contents

Yes; an Index at the end of the book.