Thee, Mary, with this Ring I wed

First Line Thee, Mary, with this Ring I wed
Author Samuel Bishop
Date 1796

Occasional (Presentation of gift) [Love; Courtship, marriage]. 

Transcribed from Bishop, Samuel. "To the Same, on the Anniversary of her Wedding Day, which was also her Birth Day. With a Ring." The poetical works of the Rev. Samuel Bishop... vol. 2, 1796, pp. 19–22. Eighteenth Century Collections Online, GALE|CW0116327478.



"Thee, Mary, with this Ring I wed" —

So, fourteen Years ago, I said. —

Behold another Ring! — "for what?"

"To wed thee o'er again?" — Why not?


With that first Ring I married Youth,

Grace, Beauty, Innocence, and Truth;

Taste long admir'd, Sense long rever'd,

And all my MOLLY then appear'd.


If she, by Merit since disclos'd,

Prove twice the Woman I suppos'd,

I plead that double Merit now,

To justify a double Vow.


Here then to-day, (with Faith as sure,

With Ardor as intense, as pure,

As when, amidst the Rites divine,

I took thy Troth, and plighted mine,)

To thee, sweet Girl, my second Ring

A Token and a Pledge I bring:

With this I wed, till death us part,

Thy riper Virtues to my heart;

Those Virtues, which before untry'd,

The Wife has added to the Bride:

Those Virtues, whose progressive claim,

Endearing Wedlock's very name,

My soul enjoys, my song approves,

For conscience' sake, as well as Love's.


And why? — They shew me every hour,

Honour's high thought, Affection's power,

Discretion's deed, sound Judgment's sentence, —

— And teach me all things — but Repentance. —