Table of Contents

Organized list of some or all of the book's contents; often titled "Index" but generally in order of appearance in the book.

Manuscript Note
Beinecke Osborn c111

Yes, an index at the end.

Beinecke Osborn c130

Yes, at front.

Beinecke Osborn c139–142

Yes, at the end of each volume. Contains occasional corrections, but seems to have been made as the book was compiled.

Headings “A” (for author) and “P” (for page) in c.139 and c.140.

Beinecke Osborn c147

Yes, at the end.

Beinecke Osborn c152

Yes, partial index at the end for pages 1–45.

Beinecke Osborn c156

No, but there might originally have been one at the end.

Beinecke Osborn c172

Yes, at the beginning on an unnumbered page.

Beinecke Osborn c176

Yes, at the beginning. 

Beinecke Osborn c186

Yes; six unnumbered pages for “The Contents,” including back cover (actually a kind of index, listing items more or less by subject).

Beinecke Osborn c241

Yes, at the beginning of the manuscript.

Beinecke Osborn c341

4 pages, at the start of the volume. 

Beinecke Osborn c351

Yes, on the front flyleaf, though it does not list the individual poems, but rather the sections of the manuscript (e.g., Extracts from Mr: West's Pindar, Poems by the Earl of Roscommon...)

Beinecke Osborn c360 (1/3)

Yes, reverse-orientation at the end. Numerical (not by page number), and beginning with CXCV so at least one page missing.

Beinecke Osborn c360 (2/3)

Yes, at beginning of volume.

Beinecke Osborn c481

Yes, at the end, though it is followed by a few more items and the Odes by Thomas Gray.

Beinecke Osborn c570

Yes; at the beginning of vol. 1 and the ends of vols. 2–4. Interestingly, these Tables of Contents feature the beginning of the first line as well as the title of nearly every item.

Beinecke Osborn c83

After item 163, a Table of Contents from an earlier notebook is inserted.

Beinecke Osborn c91


Includes a “lost” item in its alphabetical list, with no page number for the item – i.e. the alphabetical Table of Contents was likely written out before the book was compiled.

Beinecke Osborn d232

The volume contains a partial list of titles, which includes several not featured in the collection.

Beinecke Osborn d256

Yes, until page 49, then discontinued.

Beinecke Osborn d258

Yes, for the last two sections, at the beginning of each respective section.

Beinecke Osborn d512

No, but a typed list of the contents is laid-in to volume one. 

Beinecke Osborn d69

Index by page number.

Beinecke Osborn fc183

Yes, three pages following the title page.

Beinecke Osborn fc185

Yes, sixteen page index at the beginning of the manuscript.

Beinecke Osborn fc58

Yes, titled "The Index" at the end of the book in Hand 2.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. c. 9

Yes, index which contains numerous items that have been cut out of the book.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d. 47

Yes, at the beginning of the book. 

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 109


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 39

Yes, at the beginning, pp. i, 1–4.

Index spills onto inside front cover, so it was seemingly added after, and the compiler hadn't left enough space.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 40

Yes, at the end; some of these items are now missing. Items are numbered rather than listed by page.

Bodleian MS Mont. e. 13

Yes, at the end of each volume. Each a true index, in alphabetical order.

Third index in third hand.

British Library Add. MS 28102

Not for the poetry section (which this database entry is concerned with).

British Library Add. MS 29981

Yes, after the title page at the beginning of the book.

British Library Add. MS 37684

Yes, two—one at the beginning of the volume and one at the end. Titles vary between each Table and only the second Table has recorded the correct page numbers for every item (though the page numbers in the first Table are also mostly correct).

British Library Add. MS 59656

Yes, at the beginning, written onto a heavier endpaper.

British Library Add. MS 70494

Yes, at the end.

Chawton House 4946, MAN WIL

Notebook 1 yes. Notebooks 2–3 no. 

Clark MS 1948.003

Yes, an alphabetical index at the end of the manuscript. Sometimes topical rather than titles. 

Clark MS 1950.025

Yes, "Index" at the end goes to p. 93. Poems in the second hand are included in the index, but poems in the third hand are not.

Clark MS 1956.002

Yes; on p. 41 for first part; on p. 174 for second part.

Clark MS 1976.014

Yes, on preliminary pages. 

Clark MS 1984.001

Yes, in the middle of the book.

The Index records items from the first section of the book (the Hymns section), including the first 41 pp. which are missing. 

Alphabetical listing by first lines. 

Clark MS 1984.004

Yes, an alphabetical index immediately following the title page. Entries are a mixture of titles, authors, subjects, somewhat arbitrarily.

Clark MS 2000.005

Yes, for each volume – at the ends of volumes 1-3, at the beginning of volume 4.

Clark MS 2019.001

Yes, at the end of the book. Omits the final poem, which was written in another hand. 

Folger MS M.a.110

First 20 pages were saved for the index with alphabetical tabs, but instead has been used for last recorded poems. Tabs for XY and Z remain, but the margins are trimmed off by about ½ inch, removing the earlier letters of the alphabet.

Folger MS M.a.116


Folger MS M.a.160

Yes, titled "Index" but actually a Table of Contents.

Folger MS M.a.164

No; but there is a list of Shakespeare plays in pencil in another hand at the end of the manuscript. 

Folger MS M.a.165-166

No but 4 blank leaves at start of vol. 1, perhaps left for a table of contents and never completed. 

Folger MS M.a.169

Yes, labeled index, but in fact a table of contents; at the very end, goes to very last page.

Folger MS M.a.174

Yes, at the end of the manuscript. Does not include opening prose piece on poetry.

Folger MS M.a.179

Yes, on first five pages of manuscript.

Folger MS M.a.181

No but pp. 213-4 lists “Solutions, Of the Riddles, Charades, Anagrams etc." 

Folger MS M.a.182

At the end; pp. 186 (recto, title), then 183-[185], but these are duplicate numbers, since the preceding text numbering has gone up to 186; final poem pasted in over last page of index, which is again numbered 184.

Entries are per page (if multiple poems appear on an individual page) so some refer to several items in abbreviated forms. 

Folger MS M.a.185

Yes, a Table of Contents labeled "INDEX" featuring quite complete titles.

Folger MS M.a.186


Folger MS M.a.187

Yes, at the beginning of the book; gives item and folio number.

Folger MS M.a.231

Alphabetical index on first leaf.

Folger MS M.a.53–58

Yes, at the start of each volume.

Labeled "Contents" but actually alphabetical indexes. 

Folger MS M.b.13

Yes, but incomplete.

Alphabetical tabs at beginning, seemingly used mostly for genre headings such as “Charade,” “Riddles,” though also used for more varied entries, such as under “O” for odes as well as other sorts of titles — seems to be an attempt to organize poetry compilation in a commonplace book format, adapting a blank book for that purpose by cutting alphabetical tabs. 

Folger MS M.b.21

Yes, an index on the inside back cover.

Houghton MS Am 1894

Yes, at the front of each volume.

Houghton MS Am 1919

Yes, at the beginning of the manuscript with both page and item number.

Houghton MS Eng 1323

Yes, though probably the least useful Table of Contents on this database. Titled "Explanation," p. 177.

Houghton MS Eng 584

Yes, at the beginning of the volume in Cumberlege's hand.

Houghton MS Eng 606

Yes, for both hands' sections, but seemingly in a third eighteenth-century hand.

Houghton MS Eng 611

Vol. 1 no, vol. 2 yes, at the beginning, and possibly in another hand. Includes full list of items from first section, and only says “at t’other End, skeletons of Forsters’s sermon & Beveridge’s Thesaurus—from the beginning of ye other End. to p. 94” about the ambigraph section. 

Houghton MS Eng 680

Yes, on the back of the title page, but it does not list all the items. 

Houghton MS Eng 768

Volume 1 yes, volume 2 no.

Houghton MS Eng 926

Yes, an index on pp. 179–181.

Huntington MS 82623

Yes. The original Table of Contents (up to p.3) is missing many items that have been added to the bottoms of the pages or inserted in gaps between original items; but the rest of p. 3 and its verso contains many or all of these added items, not in the page order, so they were presumably added to the Table of Contents as gaps in the book were filled in.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 11

Index by the second hand (pp. 345–350). 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 119

Yes, a six page index at the end of the volume which includes all items.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 12

Yes, at the end of the manuscript, in both hands: first hand pp. 1–52, second hand pp. 53–end (ie. completes the index including some of the first hand's entries).

Leeds Brotherton Lt 125

Yes, at the end of the manuscript. Complete and accurate.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 20

Not as such, but there is an “Explanation of the Names made Use of in the Pastorals,” which is in the format of a table of contents - (name of person, place, flower, river, etc. followed by page number, organised in order of appearance and subdivided by pastoral). So a reader can easily determine on what page each pastoral begins and ends from this table. This is after the title page, the account of Virgil’s life, and the Addison on Dryden poem at the front of the manuscript; it includes only the Pastorals.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 24

Yes, on pp. 116–­117 of the PDF (unpaginated in the manuscript), after the center flyleaves which introduce the pp. 1-104 section.

The Table of Contents only includes the items in the remainder of the manuscript (primarily prose). These page numbers are not always accurate, especially because items are sometimes copied on non-consecutive pages given the sporadic, disorganized nature of this manuscript’s compilation. The list is not entirely in ascending numerical order.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 45

Yes, index to pp. 1–245. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 53

Yes, at the front of manuscript. Includes both the miscellany and biographical sections.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 99

Yes; includes both parts of the volume so created by the second compiler.

Princeton Taylor no. 87

Yes; there is a lengthy alphabetical index at the beginning of the manuscript.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 515


UChicago Library Codex Ms. 549


The alphabet is written out one letter at a time across the first 26 pages of volume 1, but no contents are listed (i.e., only the intention of an index).

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 551

Yes, after the title page. Does not include the last item.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 553

Yes; five pages at the end of the book. This includes a unique list “of Most of the Authors from whom these Poems were collected” at the end (seemingly in place of author attributions in the Table and throughout the manuscript).

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 556

Yes, at beginning. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 557

Appears at beginning of manuscript. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 581

Yes; an Index at the end of the book.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 639

Yes, two: at the beginning for the first part of the book and towards the middle of the second section.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 739