Bodleian MS Eng. poet. c. 9

Title Miscellanies
Archive Bodleian Library
Call Number Bodleian MS Eng. poet. c. 9
Complete Yes

Thomas Phillibrown, 1740–1757.

Divided into sections according to odd and even numbered pages.

152 poems.

Very London oriented (Public affairs, local interest, celebrities). 

Reflects a mid-century coterie centering around John Hawkins and Moses Browne.

Format Folio
Book Size 32.5cm x 20.1cm
Filled Page Count 196 pages
Item Count 167
Poem Count 152
First Line Index Yes
Digitized No
Additional Genres Prose essays, Prose letters, Receipts
Print Sources
Major Themes

Major themes prominent among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.

Minor Themes

Other themes of interest among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.


Bodleian MS Eng. poet. c. 9.” Manuscript Verse Miscellanies, 1700–1820, edited by Betty A. Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University, Accessed .

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First Line Context Print Source
Blest be the Man! his Memory at least

p. 57

Local title: The following Lines in Praise of ye invention of Writing.

Attributed author: a Lady.

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

By your Honour's Command, an Example I stand

p. 233

Local title: Upon a cat of nine-tails.

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Dear Cloe, while the busy croud

p. 230.

Local title: The Fire-Side.

Attributed author: Dtor Cotton.

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: Context: "Dtor Cotton Married the Elder Sister, of my Old Schoolfellow Mr George Pembrook, of St Albans. She was a Beautifull, fine Young Lady; when I was at School at St. Albans in ye Years 1728, 1729, & 1730. She was highly admired by all our School Boys, & went by the universal Title, of the pritty Miss Pembrook. Happy was he! who was favour'd with being in her Company; which Honour I my self have been favour'd with several times, at the House of my Dancing Master Mr Donvill at St Albans; at whose House we used to prepare for, & keep our Balls. And with which Lady I have had the pleasure to Dance in particular the Chain-Minuet; as well as various Country Dances, &c. at our several Meetings at the Above Dancing Master's House. The following Lines, my Brother Copyed in the Study of the Revrd. Mr. Folliot, Dissenting Minister of St. Edmonds Bury 1755. Mrs Cotton has been Dead some Years, & left several Children. The Revd. Mr Folliot Died in the Year 1756. I Copyed ye following, from my Bror's. Manuscript; March 21. 1757."

Father of All! in every Age

pp. 1–3.

Local title: The Universal Prayer.

Attributed author: Alexander Pope

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Indulgent Nature to each Kind bestows

p. 211.

Local title: On ye Burser of St John's College.

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Soon as the morn salutes your eyes

p. 50

Local title: Pious Rules for Daily Practice.

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: Source attribution: "From ye London Mag: 1743."

London Magazine
Thou Pow'r supreme, by whose Command I live

pp. 5, 7, 9

Local title: In Diem Natalem.

Attributed author: Miss Carter of Deal.

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Feature Note
Author attributions

Regular; if author unknown or pseudonymous, the journal source and the pseudonymous name are generally given.


Post-bound. Variable watermarks and some items pasted together to form pages – a book created from separate gatherings and sheets.


Single, though recto pages tend to use a larger size of script than verso pages.

Indications of use

Annotations added later.

Frequent insertions of letters, including an original letter from F. Webb to John Hawkins in 1743.

Other insertions in other hands. 

Pages have been cut out. 

Item formatting

Single horizontal line separating items.


Odd numbered and even numbered pages proceed independently from one another; ie. seems to have been filled out on recto pages consecutively, then on verso pages consecutively, front to back each time. Possibly prose on one side and poetry on the other.

Original poetry
Maybe; possibly some original items by Philibrown or his circle not found elsewhere, however, this is an example of where original/ local blurs with published work.
Ownership mark

On flyleaf: "Tho: Phillibrown Mar:h 11 1740/1 – 3 Qu:r Du:h Fl:s cap binding 1s:6d Miscellanies."

Page layout

Paginated (by the compiler, though not continuous now given excisions).

Table of Contents

Yes, index which contains numerous items that have been cut out of the book.