Ownership mark

Indications of original compiler(s) or later owners. For example: signature on inside cover, bookplate.

Manuscript Note
Beinecke Osborn c110

A later note in pencil on p. 1 reads, "I believe this M.S.S. is the composition of Bishop Worth one of our ancestors."

Beinecke Osborn c116

Written on flyleaf: "Anna Sharpe. Given by her father Mn. Sharpe. May 28th 1751." In another hand on the same page: "Anna Maria Sharpe 1790."

Beinecke Osborn c130

Signature inside front cover: "Anne Heigham 1781."

Beinecke Osborn c135

On the inside front cover a bookplate of Philip Yorke, Second Earl of Hardwicke.

Beinecke Osborn c143

Back of the book signed "Mary Dodd at Joseph Dodds Sawyer Kelsall Cheshire"–apparently 1837f, but could be an indication of location.

Beinecke Osborn c152

Written on flyleaf: "This book was given me by Dear Mrs Ogle January the 15 1747."

Written on flyleaf: "My brother Willm & Family came to my mother April the 26 1808 Retd from May the 26 1808 left July the 10th."

Autograph inside front cover: "Mary Dyott 10 Febry 1792."

Beinecke Osborn c156

"Mary Hilhouse this Book given her in the year 1769."

Beinecke Osborn c157

Written on front cover: "Poems Thomas Si[wyld]."

Beinecke Osborn c165

End of the volume signed "Anne Watkins. January."

First page has the subtitle: "Duck’s Poems."

Beinecke Osborn c176

In red ink on the Table of Contents: "A. E. 17."

Beinecke Osborn c187

Inside of front cover has names: "Chas. Ogle/ Coll" and "Geo. Currie/ Comp" with spaces marked “seal” for seals to be placed.

Beinecke Osborn c189

Later note written on an endpaper: The author’s initials seem to be “W.P.” and the date of the manuscript circa 1700.

Beinecke Osborn c193

First poem’s reference to the book as a gift.

Beinecke Osborn c241

Pasted inside front cover: bookplate of Richard Chaloner Cobbe.

Beinecke Osborn c258

Anne Woolfe's autograph on front cover. Cover has "Lawrence" written on it as well.

Loose page (with different watermark) has initials "AW" at the bottom. 

Beinecke Osborn c343

"Ann Milbanke" on the front and inside cover. 

Beinecke Osborn c351

Potentially the word "Hasler" on the first flyleaf next to the title and date.

Beinecke Osborn c360 (1/3)

Note at the end of the Table of Contents on p. 164: “I finish’d this Book in upper Brook Street near Grosvenor Square London on Saturday March ye 9 1744/5 Gab Lepipre.” 

Beinecke Osborn c376

Final page includes note: 'This following last Epitaph shall be my Choice (Transcribd here Aug: 7th 1768)'

Beinecke Osborn c391

Ownership mark on inside front cover reads “Anne Dickinson’s Book, April 11th: 1787.” 

The book was also used to store letters by Maria Stow from the 1740s, and later, letters to Anna Dickinson in the 1850s. William Dickinson seems to have intended to take over the book in 1828 (PDF p. 170), but died, according to a cataloguer’s note. Someone else (unidentified) (likely a relative of A.D. and W.D.) seemingly took it over for him (PDF pp. 175–­203, 204–207). There is one contribution by Anne Dickinson to this section, mourning William.

Beinecke Osborn c481

Prose letters (pp. 279–289) are signed by Jno Dovaston, as is the first title page; the drawing on the second title page is also signed by the compiler. 

Beinecke Osborn c536

Compiler's name on title page and some trial signatures, "A"s, and "B"s on the inside-back-cover. 

Beinecke Osborn c548

Inscription in cypher on p. 6: "Mary Hubbard."

Inscriptions of "John Hubbard" and others, p. 20 and throughout. 

Beinecke Osborn c563

“S Simpson” on front-flyleaf and title page; record of Simpson and Leaper's marriage on p. 104v. 

Beinecke Osborn c595

Red morocco label on front pastedown reads: "S. Rawlings 1788."

Beinecke Osborn c651

Annotated in pencil on recto of front flyleaf: "Found amongst Miss Martyns things. Mary [Marshall] Amphlett."

Beinecke Osborn c82

On the first page: “Anne Taylor/ Lymme Hall.”

Beinecke Osborn c83

Pencil note on vol. I flyleaf reads: Commonplace Book Compiled by William Warren Porter (1776-1804) 

Beinecke Osborn c90

Sinature of Reginald L. Hine on the flyleaf.

Beinecke Osborn d49

Charles Parr Burney bookplate.

Beinecke Osborn d492

Ownership inscriptions of "John Waite's Book" and "John Waite Book" appear throughout.

Lengthy annotation in pencil signed by Colin George Parker and dated "6th March 1983," discussing personal experiences.

Beinecke Osborn d494

Annotation in pencil on front flyleaf in a later hand: "From page 8 written by [the Miss Hoopers?] of [illegible]."

Beinecke Osborn d512

Ownership inscription in each volume on the verso of the front flyleaf: "Mary Allcard."

Beinecke Osborn d80

Partially effaced inscription on verso of front flyleaf: "Ann Butler march 6th 1806. To Marianne Macklin, from her friend...1848."

Beinecke Osborn d93

Inscriptions on front pastedown: "Hester Bradley 1807" and in another hand, in pencil: "Quaker poetess."

Beinecke Osborn fc124

Items attributed to Mary Cornwallis, a few annotations towards the end of the manuscript initialed "MC."

Beinecke Osborn fc130

"Orders from Aug. 6 1771. Benjamin Finn" written on the front cover. 

Beinecke Osborn fc132

Inscription on title page: In diem natalem Jam. Forbes 19th May 1766 - Bombay - Aet: 17. [On the birthday of James Forbes 19th May 1766. Bombay. Age 17.]

Beinecke Osborn fc183

Name on the title page.

Beinecke Osborn fc51

Only the compilers' names on the title page.

Beinecke Osborn fc58

“Mrs. Frances Pigott” and “W: Pigott. L.L.B.” on inside front cover; signature trials for “Mrs. Howard Pigott Esqr.” on front fly-leaf.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. c. 9

On flyleaf: "Tho: Phillibrown Mar:h 11 1740/1 – 3 Qu:r Du:h Fl:s cap binding 1s:6d Miscellanies."

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d. 189

Pencilled note on damaged flyleaf: "[?] if the chief portion is not written by William Cowper when a Student.”

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d. 47

Signature of Frances Lidwell at top of title page.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 109

Inside cover signed “E.F. Amherst. 1798”.

Note added in pencil: "Eliz. Frances Amherst (1716-1779) later wife of Rev. John Thomas, Rec\tor of Nutgrove, Gloc., dau. of Sir Jeffry A (1697-1750)" — so compilation is posthumous, perhaps by daughter or granddaughter.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 18

"Mrs. Sophia Wallis of Westbourne, Sussex" written in pencil between the lines of the poem on p. 5 early in the nineteenth-century.

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 40

Pencilled note opposite f. 88: "Captn Gabriel Lepipre 3d Regt foot guards and Governor of Pendennis Castle Cornwall."

Pencilled note on inside front cover: "He had an apartment in the Tower of London."

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. e. 47

Written into front cover: "Old Mr Robinson, bookseller, at Berick’s Head, Pilgrim St., told me that this book came from the library of John Graham Clarke, grandfather to Mrs Elizabeth Barret Browning. It is the usual poetry book of young people who, at a time when books were dear, copied the poems &c. that pleased them most. It contains two poems which may be called local. One is on 'Sir Walter Blackett’s Birthday' and the other an 'Inscription by Akenside,' first published in 1758."

Signed: "R. W."

Bodleian MS Eng. poet. f. 28

Written in pencil on f. 1: "The Verses of my beloved Mother from the age of 18 to 24.”

Each poem signed Mary Allanson.

Bodleian MS Harding b. 41

"Mary Marshall Her Book Jan:y {5th} {1805}." 

Bodleian MS Mont. e. 13

First volume title page: "Mary Tadwell" [original last name erased, this surname written later]; "John Watson Tadwell."

Bodleian MS Mont. e. 14

Finely drawn device with "EChapman" on front leaf, before title page.

British Library Add. MS 29981

“Elizabeth Susannah Hall. July 22th 1778" is written sideways on one of the front flyleaves.

British Library Add. MS 58802

"Augusta Byron August 25th 1805" in ink on verso of front flyleaf, and beneath in pencil, "Castle Howard"

British Library Add. MS 59656

Erased five-line inscription "(This book of family Poetry I bequeath to my dear Children . . .) From their mother" f. 1v.

Final epitaph is signed "M. T."

British Library Add. MS 70494

Welbeck Abbey bookplate.

Dedicated to Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley, afterwards Duchess of Portland, 1729.

British Library Add. MS 75569

Montagu emblem stamped in gold on the cover.

Library bookplate of Althorp.

Spine reads: "Frances, Viscountess Montague – Commonplace Book."

Frances' signature also appears on the fly-leaf.

Chawton House 4946, MAN WIL

One of the books contains the name “Mr James Seton” in a later hand.

Notebook 1: device #1 at end of each poem – looks like an “S” followed by an “e”, with the “S” often seeming to be sideways; device #2 looks more like three formal “S”s with a small “e” flourish at the end. Inside cover labelled in fair hand: “Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot 1771”; verso to index contains note: “Verses written by my Dear Mama Sarah Wilmot at sundry times”; at the bottom of the same page, note in dark ink in another hand: “Mrs. Wilmot of Farnborough Park. Hants. Ob 25 Mar: 1793 at 69. She was dau of Colonel Morris of Piercefield Park nr Chepstow by Elizabeth (ob 23 Sep. 1760 at 62) dau of Nicholas Wilmot.”

Notebook 2:  Verses are not signed, but in the inside front cover, the “S W” looks like the three S’s of device #2. Inside front cover labelled: “ESWilmot’s Verses 1773,”added in pencil: “Mrs. Wilmot of Farnborough Park & Bloomsbury Square ob 1793 aet 70.”

Notebook 3:  Same hand has written on inside front cover: “ESWilmot 1776” by the same hand as the first two notebooks– but this has been altered to: “ESWilmot’s Verses,” possibly by James Seton. No signatures to any of the poems in this notebook.

Clark MS 1948.003

Pencilled name A. Rogers and date 1948 on back page (p. 144).

Clark MS 1950.025

Armorial bookplate on front paste-down endpaper: "The Rt. Hon.ble Ann, Countess of Strafford."

Clark MS 1956.002

"S.G." inscribed upside down on front cover.

Bookplate of Samuel Greatheed on front paste-down endpaper.

"R. Dec. 10. 1774" on front free endpaper.

Clark MS 1968.002

Front free endpaper inscribed "Ann Bromfield" with note by C.C. Newnham: "my gt. gt. grandmother, married W. Moore N. of Ash., C.C.N."

The book contains inscriptions and bookplates by members of the Newnham family (possibly G.W's children, Ann Bromfield's great-grandchildren).

Cover inscribed "E. Newnham, Dec. 1854, Kingsdon, Bath."

Bookplate of C.C. Newnham on front paste-down endpaper.

Clark MS 1982.001

Inscribed "E.L.T. Bale" on p. 1, with note "Jan. 21st 1730/31 about 3 a clock in ye after-noon my son was born, and about ten at night he died."

Clark MS 1983.001

Front paste-down endpaper: J. Andrew, Ashford Kent.

Also pencilled note on inside back cover re: his grandsons being born in 1787.

Clark MS 1983.002

Vellum covers have trace of what seems to be Mrs. Bennet, or some similar inscription.

Several poems (in the first section) written by "J.B." or "Jenny." 

Clark MS 1984.001

There is something like a signature device on some pages. 

Clark MS 1984.004

"Thos. Trigg, Royston, Cambridgeshire" and "TT." inscribed on front paste-down endpaper; "T. Trigg 1785" and "Thos. Trigg 1785" inscribed on front free endpaper.

Clark MS 1986.003

Leather label on front paste-down endpaper: "Albus nunc liber es; studium per virginis acrum cum multi maculis, immaculatus eris. Catherina Springett 1742."

"This book was given to me by Mr. Thomas Mercer in 1742. Cath. Springett." on p. 216.

On p. 4: "Given by Catherine Springett Harv[ey] to her daughter Mary Boys" in one hand, followed by "Transferred from her to Mary Sankey her daughter" in another hand.

Clark MS 1987.001

Title: "Mrs. Stapleton. Pleasing Variety for Miss Mary Arnold."

Clark MS 1993.001

"W.J. Thoms" inscribed on front paste-down endpaper, with "bought at his sale, 1887" appended in a different hand.

Several poems signed "F.E Hawes" or "F.H."

Clark MS 1994.001

Many poems in predominant hand signed "Mary Woodyeare," "Mary Tibbits" or "MW."

Other poems at the end of the volume attributed to "Dr. Drake" or "Francis Drake."

One annotation of absent pressed flower signed "Mary Isabella Hood."

Clark MS 2000.005

Each volume contains an armorial bookplate "Ex Libris Fairfax of Cameron" on the front paste-down endpapers.

Clark MS 2008.023

Bookplates of Frederick Warburton Dunston and David H. Weinglass on front endpapers.

Inscription by Frederick Warburton Dunston on preliminary pages of volumes notes that he purchased them at Sotheby's in 1887; He suggests Joseph Mayer of Liverpool and his great-uncle Richard Roscoe as possible former owners.

Clark MS 2015.014

On front free endpaper: "Rae, Walton House" in early nineteenth-century hand.

"Eastry, Kent" and "Mrs. Debroux" in pencil in a later hand.

Paper embossed with armorial (possibly Rae family).

Notation on blank page near the end of the volume indicates that the book was purchased from David Low "8/6/54."

Clark MS 2019.001

Ink inscription penned on the inside front cover: "Catharine Massy Tuthill’s Poem Book Springlodge."

Clark MS 2019.038

Signature at the ends of pages and sections. 

Folger MS M.a.103

"W.M. Sale" crossed-out on title page.

Bookplates of Thomas Pennington, A.M., of Bledlow, Bucks., and F.W. Cosens.

Folger MS M.a.104

Armorial bookplate of John Plumptre, the compiler's eldest brother. 

Autograph of the compiler, C. Plumptre, dated September 7, 1728.

Folger MS M.a.116

Elaborate signature to every item in the first part of the book, but variating in formats. 

On the back cover: "Azarias Williams, Merchant, New York, no. 58 Water Street."

On front cover: "Anna J. Maria" and armorial bookplate of Azarias Williams.

Signature of Sally Furman Williams Warner written into book on p. 118 after anniversary poem from a husband to a wife.

Folger MS M.a.142

Written inside front cover: "Horatia N. Nelson. 1817. Burnham."

Folger MS M.a.15

Bookplate of F.W. Cosens.

Folger MS M.a.160

Bookplate of the compiler engraved when he was a B.A., to which degree he graduated in 1775. [A later bookplate has his M.A. degree (1778) following his name (British museum, Franks coll., I, nos. 3648-49)].

Folger MS M.a.162

Armorial bookplate of William Horace Wright.

Folger MS M.a.164

Label of the Bayfield Hall library (in Norfolkshire).

First list of authors subscribed (in the same hand as the extracts) "selected by Henry Jodrell." 

Folger MS M.a.165-166

Bookplate of F.W. Cosens.

Folger MS M.a.169

J. Wright hand-drawn bookplate.

Sir William Bromley of Baignton in Warwickshire bookplate.

Folger MS M.a.170

Decorative signature on endpaper

Folger MS M.a.180

At the end of p. 1 is written "Miss Elizabeth Gilchrist's Collection." 

Folger MS M.a.53–58

Each volume contains the bookplate of John Arundell Hudson.

Folger MS M.b.13

Letter dated Pishobury Sept. 20th '41 pasted opposite p. 1 addressed to Miss Harriet Alston, signed from her brother, initials something like HJA.

Folger MS M.b.21

A fly-leaf contains the inscription "Mary Gay/ Rainthorpe Hall/ Norfolk/ AD 1801." 

Folger MS M.b.23

Insert of a note signed "MC" and dated Feb. 1829, addressed to "Miss S" re: a poem not included, but copying prose lines written by the intermediary between a poem and a young lady.

Folger MS N.b.3

Many pencilled annotations by Sir Edmund Gosse (nineteenth-century). 

An autograph letter of Richard Garnett tipped in. 

Folger MS W.a.103

Bookplate in cover: Robert Bristow of London Esqr. (a later owner). 

Folger MS W.a.118

No name, but Coz. Widow Davis gives the compiler a Shenstone manuscript around 1752.

Folger MS W.a.119

Compiler might be sister of a man with initials R.R. – there is a note from him addressed to his sister, with a Sheridan poem.

Folger MS W.a.271

Signature of Louisa Grey on front pastedown. The year "AD 1765" also appears on front pastedown in a different hand. "Louisa Grey, 1784" is visible underneath the front pastedown. 

Folger MS W.a.86

Inside cover reads "Anne Milles her Book." 

Houghton MS Am 1013

"J. Francis Fisher" written on the front page, and signed on p. 1. 

Houghton MS Am 1369


Later owner wrote in pencil on p. 24: "This Book was the property and in the Autograph of Dr. Benjamin Church the Rector to his Country [?]" 

Houghton MS Am 1894

"By S. Melancholicus" written on both title pages. 

Houghton MS Am 1919

"Mrs. Neale" on front flyleaf and title page.

Notes in pencil on inside-front-cover by later owners and/or archivists.

“Bought of Westale[?]. 18/11/56 [?]Black” written in pen on the title page.

Houghton MS Am 910


Harvard College Library bookplate says “Folsom Papers/ Gift of C.H. Taylor.”

Houghton MS Eng 1280

"H. L. Piozzi" and "Hester Lynch Piozzi" signatures throughout. 

"Sir Randle Mainwaring" written in pencil on the inside front cover of each volume. 

Houghton MS Eng 569.63

Inside-back cover signature of “Edward John Howman Novr 1st 1814,” plus a bunch of trial signatures (lots of the initials DGS).

Houghton MS Eng 584

B. Cumberlege's name appears throughout, as well as on the title page.

Bookplate of Frederick Lewis Gay (Harvard alum "class of 1878"). 

Houghton MS Eng 606

"J. Rolfe" signed on front flyleaf. 

“W.W.W. Tythendye[?] 1 St. James’s Square Notting Hill, W” written in ink on inside front-cover. 

Apparently a G. Davies owned the book at some unspecified point.

Houghton MS Eng 611


John Newington Hughes bookplate on the inside-front cover of each volume.

Houghton MS Eng 614


Houghton MS Eng 680
Harvard bookplate "Given in Honor of George Lyman Kittredge 1913." 
Houghton MS Eng 692
Signed multiple times "Richard Harris Barham" (Thomas Ingoldsby).
Also has Barham's wax seal on the front paste down.
Houghton MS Eng 768


Note on the title page says "Vol. ye 1st compleated at ye age of 5 yrs & 5 mo."

Houghton MS Eng 926

Charlotte Anne Hester Francis written on the inside front cover.

Percival and Elisabeth Merritt bookplate featuring an image of a ship and island. 

Huntington MS 106

Inside front cover says "Anne Beere/ Her Book."

"Robert Beere fecit" signed throughout the book, implying he was the copyist and perhaps the author of most of its contents.

Huntington MS 82623

Bookplate of Rev. William Long.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 103

Marriott bookplate pasted into inside front cover.

“Eliza Marriott Darfield 1763” on opposite flyleaf.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 11

Bookplate of John Smyth of Heath.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 110

“Anna Rogers. Junr: 1768” on title page in another hand; presumably a later owner. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 119

Signed by "Mary Capell" on the first folio. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 12

Bookplate: “George Scott Esqr. of Woolston Hall, in the County of Essex.”

Leeds Brotherton Lt 125

“Eliza Lee Totness March 2th 1787” written near pen trials/ scribbles on p. 142.

“early owner Eliza Lee of Totnes (Devon) 1787” written in pencil on front paste-down in modern hand.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 20

Pencil signature of "William Rees-Mogg, October 1964" on front pastedown. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 24

Second flyleaf is very neatly laid out, reads: "Benj. Coles At Great Forster’s near Egham In Surry. Owns this Book 24th May MDCCXXXII."

Benjamin Coles' signature frequently beneath items throughout the manuscript.

Front flyleaf says “purchased by R Brown for a valuable Consideration of Benjamin Coles Anno 1754…August 8th.” 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 45

Signature in blue ink on the inside front cover pastedown: "McClenaghan." 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 53

Frequent Benjamin Coles ownership marks throughout (as in Lt 24), frequently accompanied by a decorative mark.

Autobiographical account on pp. 1–47. Also p. [2] at the beginning seems to be a latin epitaph for himself.

Ownership marks/ signatures of Joseph and Pal[?] Foster, Trunsley 1780 on p. 53. “Pal[?] Foster Trusley Derbyshire Jos. Foster Thulston Derbyshire 1787” written on the inside back-cover.

Leeds Brotherton Lt 61

"James Gollop/ Sir I have the orders about" written on the first page of the manuscript in the compiler's handwriting. 

Leeds Brotherton Lt 93

Bookplate of The Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco).

f. 111v has pen trials/signatures of Sarah Bignell in third hand.

Princeton Taylor no. 87

Bookplate: "Joshua Peart/ of the City of Lincoln/ Gentleman."

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 523

Inside front cover contains a note and the signature of Job Lously, dated 1849

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 549

Only the attributions to original poems.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 556

A former owner's inscription found on back flyleaf: Ut migraturus habita. A different hand from the primary compiler. 

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 636

No; multiple attempts by the cataloguers' to identify the compiler in pencil on the front-flyleaf but the only indication that the book was Tighe's are his self-attributions.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 639

Presentation inscription to Dr. L Koecker by Gideon Delaplaine Scull (dated March 30, 1857).

Red Morocco bookplate of Richard Montgomery Gilchrist Potter.

UChicago Library Codex Ms. 757

“Elizabeth Church/ 1766” on inside-front cover.