Beinecke Osborn c258

Title A Collection of Poems
Archive Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Call Number Beinecke Osborn c258
Complete Yes

Anne Woolfe, ca. 1715.

43 items.

Theme of tension between earthly and heavenly love, and time and eternity, but more witty than sentimental. 

Format Quarto
Book Size 19cm x 16cm
Filled Page Count 51 pages
Item Count 43
Poem Count 43
First Line Index Yes
Digitized Yes
Additional Genres
Print Sources
Major Themes

Major themes prominent among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.

Minor Themes

Other themes of interest among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.


Beinecke Osborn c258.” Manuscript Verse Miscellanies, 1700–1820, edited by Betty A. Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University, Accessed .

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Contributor Role
Mary Chudleigh
Abraham Cowley
Anne Kingsmill Finch
  • Major author

    Includes only one poem by Finch (where all the other poets have multiple), but given the small number of poets represented in the album, even one poem by Finch is substantial. 

John Norris
Anne Woolfe
First Line Context
How gaily is at first begun

pp. 48–49

Local title: The Progress of Life

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

It must be done, my Soul; but 'tis a strange

Page: n/a

Local title: The meditation

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Take Wing, my Soul, and upwards bend thy Flight

p. 25-26

Local title: The Elevation

Attributed author: n/a

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Wife and Servant are the same

p. 21

Local title: To the Ladies

Attributed author: Lady C--

Adaptation: n/a

Other variants: n/a

Other: n/a

Feature Note
Author attributions

Regular, by initials.


Pre-Bound. One gathering of paper. 

One loose page which seems to have been cut on one edge; watermark is different, though roughly the same size.

Simple brown paper cover.

Title written on the front cover: "A Collection of Poems."



Indications of use

The pen trials on the front cover.

Marks beside a few of the JW poems – maybe for recopying or to indicate source.  

Final poem written onto final page and inside back cover – same hand, but may have been added later.

Item formatting

Free-drawn horizontal lines separating titles and poems.

All titles have a standard pattern: "[Title] by [initial(s)]" – e.g. Seraphick Love by N.; The Wish by AC; On Death by TW – the final poem is an exception because it has no attribution.


Intermingling selections from a small group of poets rather than blocks by one poet or another.

Ownership mark

Anne Woolfe's autograph on front cover. Cover has "Lawrence" written on it as well.

Loose page (with different watermark) has initials "AW" at the bottom. 

Page layout

Poems generally entered continuously, but when very close to the bottom of the page, may use multiple horizontal lines to fill it in.