Chawton House 4946, MAN WIL

Title Untitled
Archive Chawton House
Call Number Chawton House 4946, MAN WIL
Complete Yes

Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot, 1744–1784.

52 poems.

Original compositions of Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot and her mother, Sarah Wilmot. Many poems about female friends and family.

Book Size
Filled Page Count 164 pages
Item Count 52
Poem Count 52
First Line Index No
Digitized No
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Major Themes

Major themes prominent among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.

Minor Themes

Other themes of interest among the manuscript contents in alphabetical order.


Chawton House 4946, MAN WIL.” Manuscript Verse Miscellanies, 1700–1820, edited by Betty A. Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University, Accessed .

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Feature Note
Author attributions

Regular; since all original poetry however, attributions are frequently implied rather than explicitly stated. 


Pre-bound paperbook. Third notebook is smaller, and less than half full.

Three loose-cover notebooks.


Single, with Sarah Wilmot's signature appearing in the first and second notebook, and footnotes in a later hand, possibly that of James Seton. 

Indications of use

Explanatory notes (eg. in the full title of “To Mr Morris (Mrs Wilmot’s brother) on his Wedding-day Nov:r”) suggest retroactive compilation of the book.

Explanatory footnotes in a different hand (eg. “(Valentine Morris of Piercefield Park was at one time Governor & C in Chief of St. Vincent)”).

Notebook 1: “From Mrs Wilmot to her Daughter Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot in answer to some verses” has been corrected/ revised, whether at that time or later; “From Mr Garrick to Mrs Wilmot on Doctor Cadogan’s abusing Shakespeare” crossed-out.

Notebook 2: Some cross-outs to replace alternative words – seem to be revisions rather than copy errors.

Notebook 3: [ff. 8-9] – intervening page cut out, and this item is erased or written over in title and first 4 lines on f. 8, final lines at top of f. 9.

Item formatting

Notebook 1: Half-pages left empty, tendency to begin new poems on new pages, but shift in some cases later in the book; punctuation absent at the ends of many lines (unlike in other notebooks); device/ signature after each poem except one. 

Notebook 2:  Poems are back-to-back with a small flourish beneath last line of previous poem; punctuation consistent at the ends of lines; every item is dated; line between items; line between titles and first lines.


Notebook 2: Order is chronological.

Original poetry

Yes, all original to Sarah Wilmot/ Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot and their circle. 

Ownership mark

One of the books contains the name “Mr James Seton” in a later hand.

Notebook 1: device #1 at end of each poem – looks like an “S” followed by an “e”, with the “S” often seeming to be sideways; device #2 looks more like three formal “S”s with a small “e” flourish at the end. Inside cover labelled in fair hand: “Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot 1771”; verso to index contains note: “Verses written by my Dear Mama Sarah Wilmot at sundry times”; at the bottom of the same page, note in dark ink in another hand: “Mrs. Wilmot of Farnborough Park. Hants. Ob 25 Mar: 1793 at 69. She was dau of Colonel Morris of Piercefield Park nr Chepstow by Elizabeth (ob 23 Sep. 1760 at 62) dau of Nicholas Wilmot.”

Notebook 2:  Verses are not signed, but in the inside front cover, the “S W” looks like the three S’s of device #2. Inside front cover labelled: “ESWilmot’s Verses 1773,”added in pencil: “Mrs. Wilmot of Farnborough Park & Bloomsbury Square ob 1793 aet 70.”

Notebook 3:  Same hand has written on inside front cover: “ESWilmot 1776” by the same hand as the first two notebooks– but this has been altered to: “ESWilmot’s Verses,” possibly by James Seton. No signatures to any of the poems in this notebook.

Page layout

Notebooks 1–2 paginated in folios, notebook 3 unpaginated. 

Notebook 1: Generous use of space, plenty of half-pages left blank.

Notebook 2: All of each page used, never a blank half-page.

Notebook 3: More closely written. 

Table of Contents

Notebook 1 yes. Notebooks 2–3 no.